Sunday, February 19, 2012

Graveyard Ran Spirit Server

I am recently got addicted (again) on Ran Online. This time, it's a private server. I would just like to share to you my new addiction, Graveyard Ran Spirit Server, featuring the Gunner Class.

RAN Online
RAN Online is campus-based MMORPG, which features schools (Mystic Peak, Sacred Gate and Phoenix) vying to become the best of the best. Players can choose to become the sword-wielding Swordsman, the melee fighter Brawler, the bow-brandishing Archer, and the Qi-Gong expert Shaman.

Previously, these job classes are gender-bound, meaning one can only create a male Swordsman/Brawler and a female Archer/Shaman. In the recent game patch called “The Rebirth”, this limitation is now a thing of the past. Players can also do better in the game with the assistance of the RAN Pets, who can perform specific skills.

Another latest addition in the game is the inclusion of the Hover Boards, which makes traveling easier, not to mention that players look cool wearing the Hover Suit as well.


Server Features:
  • Second Server of Graveyard Networks
  • Real Gunner and Advance Game System
  • High Quality Gaming
  • Exciting Club DeathMatch System
  • Easy Bonus Time Gauge
  • Real Crafting Implementation
  • Secured Gaming
  • Live Chat Support 12/7
  • Most Trusted Network
Server Rates and Stats:
  • 100x - Experience
  • 50x - Drops
  • 25x - Money Drops
  • 100% - Monster HP


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